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Science -> M.A. Edu.

Education -> M.A. Edu.

The candidate must have pass B.A examination from recognized board with minimum 50% aggregate.

12000/ INR Per semester

About The Course:
M.A in education is commonly known as Master of Arts in Education is a postgraduate course which can only be pursued after bachelor�s degree. This course can be adapted as regular course. The duration of this course is two years consisting four semesters. M.A Education is a theoretical course which generally focuses on the necessary information on practice and theory. This course contains a basic subject which is intended in a manner to cover all the related subjects of education and other advanced courses on various specializations. M.A Education equivalent to M.Ed according to Govt. of India. Moreover, Master of Arts degree in Education builds upon the knowledge gained in an education-based bachelor�s degree program and generally involves comprehensive study and review of topics as they relate to curriculum instruction and development, counseling and education administration. Many educational career opportunities require an advanced degree, including most school administration positions, and an MA is also required in most areas in order to obtain licensure as a professional counselor. The MA in Education is suitable for all those that are interested in understanding the important role of education in our everyday lives and especially the links between education, society and students of all ages. It is an ideal degree for all those who wish to enter into the educational sector and all current practitioners who wish to enhance further their knowledge in the fields of teaching and learning. COURSE DETAILS This course widens the perspective of education in many aspects for any upper level of specialization. It also helps the candidate to be more professional in practical knowledge for numerous extent of education. Higher level courses like Ph.D and M.Phil can be opted by the candidates of M.A Education.

A Master's degree in humanities is a perfect catalyst for a successful career as these students are not just well versed in their subject, but are also great communicators and excellent writers. These qualities transform them into a host of job opportunities. These graduates can further opt for higher studies or can pursue careers in a diversity of profiles, including Teaching, Counseling, Event Organizing, Sales, Journalism, Content Writing and more.