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B.Sc Non-Medical

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B.Sc. in Non-Medical is a 3-year undergraduate program involving a specialized study of subjects and topics related to computer application and services. Technological implementation of computer systems is the mainstay of this non-medical program. The program aims at creating quality professionals and research fellows needed across every sector of the world today. Subjects usually comprising this course’s curriculum include Microbiology, Health Care, Environmental Science & Health, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Applications, etc.

B.Sc Non-Medical graduates are hired in capacities such as:

Best College in Placements

Recordbreaking placements done in 2020,SVGOI has been a favourite institute for fortune companies to visit and provide job offers.With the highest package off 43lacs SVGOi has been helping the students realize their dreams.

5000+ Offer Letters

250+ Companies Visited Every Year

43 Lakh Highest Package

25000+ Global Alumni Reach

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