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Swami Vivekanand Paramedical College

Bachelor of Science in Radio Imaging technology is a 3 year degree level course in which student learn to work as radiology technician. The aim off this course is to provide students with top skills to handlework in the field of Radiology Students after gaining skills in radiology go on to work as a radiology technician in hospitals, institutes and clinics. After giving the knowledge in physiology, the students are given extensive training to handle the work pressure. Our experienced teachers helps students with learning the concept with more clarity. The course is designed in a way keeping in mind the practical advancement of the education. We have built our curriculum based on research. We have situated world class medical labs in our Campus.The Faculty at Swami Vivekanand Paramedical College, is experienced and they teach students the program through interactive classes. After this program, students can work professionally as aradiologist. B.Sc. in Radio Imaging Technology is a 3-year undergraduate program under which, we train students to work as radiology technicians. After undergoing training in subjects of basic medical sciences, students are taught to handle X-ray equipment, develop exposed X-ray films using both wet development and computerized X-ray machines. As part of the course, they are given in-depth training of Sonography, CT Scan, MRI and other newer imaging modalities. Our program offers special training in documentation and research in the field of radio imaging technology. At the end of programme, student becomes competent to work in radiology departments of hospitals, diagnostic centres and clinics.

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