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Engineering College in Punjab

Engineering as a profession is the application of science and technology to develop, design, maintain, research and enhance structures, machines, devices, systems and processes. There is possibly no profession apart from Engineering that covers such a lot of areas & provide versatility in terms of education and learning. Mechanical, computer science, civil, electronic and communication all these popular streams are covered under engineering. Engineering is vital part of education, an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to encourage college students to study technology, math, science and to teach what is engineering and how it is important . Join the best Engineering college in Punjab to fulfill your dream of becoming the best engineer.

Best engineering college in Punjab

SVIET is an engineering college offering different courses in the discipline of engineering to the students. It is located in the Royal City i.e., Patiala. It was established in the year 2004 as an institute approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated by IKGPTU, Jalandhar, Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering and Technology targets to inspire research and innovation in every discipline. SVIET is among the best b-tech colleges in Punjab. Today as one of the best college for engineering in Punjab, it is offering the education in numerous disciplines in graduation and post-graduation programmes like Electronics & Communication engineering ,Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering. Mechanical Engineering and electrical engineering are amongst its strengths.

What SVIET offers?

1) Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) :

It is an educational program which accommodates scientific and engineering elements of computing. Computer science engineers are concerned for lots of factors of computing, from the layout of individual microprocessors, private computers, and supercomputers to circuit designing and writing software program that powers them. Our program covers all essential elements in addition to advanced standards of engineering and computing, paired with a chance to gain exposure in rising technology.

2) Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical engineering includes layout, production, inspection and protection of machinery, gadget and components. In addition it also involves management of devices for tracking machines status and performance. This consists of vehicles, production and farm machinery, commercial installations and a extensive type of parts and gears. While there are numerous disciplines within mechanical engineering, some of the most important regions are power conversion, materials engineering, design engineering, and production engineering.

3) Civil engineering (CE)

Civil engineering includes planning, designing, estimating, supervising and dealing with construction, execution, and maintenance of large infrastructures like buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels and other structures. SVIET envisions to provide best education to the engineering students and prepare them for their professional life. It promotes practical knowledge rather than focusing on textual knowledge. It additionally targets to promote all-round improvement of the character of students through certainly involving them in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

4) Electrical engineering (EE)

Electrical engineering includes design, manufacturing, production monitoring, testing, control, and inspection of electrical and electronic devices, equipment and systems. It also involves Electrical and Electronic device used in buildings, electric utilities, air-crafts, automobiles, radar, broadcast and communication systems and navigation systems. The power-packed EE branch introduce the amateur Electrical Engineers with the effective concept of building Generating Stations, Distribution Systems and Transmission Lines at economic costs.

5) Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Electronics and Communication Engineering goals to enhance the expertise and assist the students to provide innovative and fresh ideas to the world . The principal goal of the ECE program is to make the students proficient so that they could succeed in engineering and entrepreneurship careers after completing their graduation .The curriculum is designed in a proper way that it includes applications in major areas such as telecommunications, energy and electronics sectors and Software Industries.

Scholarship and placement

SVIET provides opportunities to the students belonging to backward regions or casts as it has various scholarship schemes for the students of SC/ST/OBC category based on the annual income of their parents/guardians. SVIET not only provides scholarship to categorized students but also provides Merit Cum Means Scholarship to the students whose parents’ annual income does not exceed Rs. 2.5 Lakhs. Also various scholarship schemes are available to father less, parents less, single child students.
SVIET is also conducting placement programs within college premises. Corporate Interface and relations stand high at the agenda of SVIET. We aspire to maintain the desires and needs of the commercial companies. It has been successful in including increasingly more corporations in the listing of its recruiters in previous couple of years. It empower college students with profession selection skills by providing assets and activities to facilitate the profession planning process. It has been acting as an interface amongst students, alumni, and the employment community. It is assisting potential agencies in recruiting students according to their requirements. It is also coordinating summer training/internship programs.
If a student is dreaming of engineering career in Punjab, then SVIET is best to provide them education from the expert faculty with enhancement in their practical knowledge along with amazing placement opportunities.

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