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Choose from the most in-demand degree courses and learn with SVGOI's global 21st-century interactive approach. We believe to excel in a career a student needs its concept cleared and it can't be done in the traditional way. The SVGOI 21st century interactive teaching methods enable students to grab the most of the knowledge helping them understand the curriculum in a better way. This Interactive curriculum is taught by the masters of the industry having experience at the highest level. The interaction of the educators helps the students clear their doubts while understanding the practicality of concepts. With interactive learning at SVGOI students are adding more value to their CV which helps in further stages of career.

Industry training Programs

To make students understand the practicality of the academic concepts we offer Industry training programs. The industry training programs are the need of the 21st-century education system. With the hard work of our training cell, we have established connections with fortune top companies where the students of SVGOI go to work on the practicality of the curriculum taught. These industry training programs add a value of experience at the highest level which then helps them bag the desired packages at top MNC's. The training programs offered by SVGOI are awarded as the best which has provided 80% more acceptance than the other competitors. The management team at SVGOI has established a mentorship program too to guide the students, which helps them prepare their academics plan balanced with training programs to achieve their dream career paths.

Placement at Fortune
Top Companies

We have established a special placement cell at SVGOI to help the students bag jobs at the top MNC's all over the globe. The strong network of the placement team has brought the top fortune companies for placement at the lively campus of SVGOI. The efforts of expert faculty and hardworking students have imprinted the image of SVGOI as the best college for placements in the books of the fortune top companies. Management at SVGOI is always giving their best efforts to provide the best suitable placement opportunities to the students.

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Global cultural campus

Our culturally diverse campus atmosphere with a total of more than 800+ global students studying at the campus from 13+ countries every year. Swami Vivekanand group of Institutes is ideal learning place for the global students to get the most enriching academic experience along with the unique exposure to the rich cultural diversity at the SVGOI campus. We offer the insightful comprehensive learning journey where students can go on to ensure that they acquire the right knowledge and the important skillset to succeed at the vast global stage. Our Industry Interface academic experience is designed in a way so that students can grab the most of the knowledge while gaining the practical edge in learning process. With over 53 diploma, graduate and post graduate degree programs, we provide you academic opportunities that are recognized globally. The curriculum of SVGOI is further supported by more than 13 top universities of India and it has received awards in terms of academic approach from more than 5 top education organizations. Furthermore, Our international tie-ups with more than 13 countries and 250+ companies from the fortune top companies have guaranteed the most lucrative path towards the global success for the students.


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The SVGOI scholarship provides you a chance to explore your area of interest and then study a course that suits your passion.


Create Your Future With the right guidance from our expert faculty take a comprehensive learning approach to create your dream future.


The SVGOI scholarship not only provides financial aid to the students but our management guides you timely until the completion of your path of success.

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