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The study abroad team at SVGOI is here to help you make your dreams of studying in other parts of the world a reality. We have developed a strong network with the colleges/universities from different parts of the world, to bring endless opportunities for the SVGOI students in the fields of medical sciences, engineering technology, business management, social sciences, and fine arts amongst others.

How SVGOI helps students

Academics counseling

Our academics counselors provide free counseling sessions to the students at SVGOI which allows the students to make the right and informed career choices.

Choosing the right college and country

The expert counselors at the SVGOI campus help the students choosing the right country and the right college/ university, where they should continue their education.

Language Coaching

SVGOI also offers language coaching for the students so that they can adjust in their study destination easily and for the easy understanding the academics.


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