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Swami Vivekanand
Polytechnic College

Start your Engineering journey with the Polytechnic
courses offered by SVPC


Start your Engineering career with our Polytechnic/Diploma programs

Swami Vivekanand Polytechnic College (SVPC), offers Engineering courses such as Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronics & Communication Engineering. The vision of the college is to be identified as a premier academic institution that advances the quality of Education. The mission is developing and training internationally recognized professionals with a commitment to continued professional development. The core value of the college is, to embark on research and development in the field of engineering technology and practice to increase the quality of professional education.

Early engagement in learning and professional development stands a better chance of success. A three-year diploma in engineering program is too akin to the need of the society by enlarging. The emphasis is more on a practical approach to create seamless tiers between technicians and Engineers which can support shop floor and field operations.

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