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SVGOI Advantages

Be a part of our mission to make world
a better place with Quality Education


Incubation environment for innovative student entrepreneurship, more than 15 successful companies have started their journey at SVGOI.

Global Exposure

International tie-ups with more than 25 colleges from 7 countries with students from more than 10 countries studying in campus.

Super 60 Batch

There is a special batch of 30 to 60 Students in each branch which is called SUPER-60 in CSE, ALLIED-30 group in Civil, and so on. These Students have assured 100% placement in the campus placement drive.


Students leading the search for knowledge with highly equipped research facilities at the campus. More than 100 research articles published at national and international stages.

Project Based Learning

Investigate and respond to an authentic & complex challenges and go beyond learning with project based learning while experiencing enriching experiences.

Sporting Excellence

Compete and achieve the excellence with passion under the excellent sporting environment. More than 30 sports tournament participations happening over the Year.


SVGOI provides a comprehensive scholarship program to both incoming students as well as current and rising graduates.These programs provide financial support to the students, based on academic achievement or other criteria that may include financial need for the purpose of their education.


The National Cadet Corps at SVGOI grooms the cadets (Boys and Girls) to join Defence forces and to be the disciplined citizen of the country. Every year the NCC cadets attend several camps including Annual training Camp, Personality development & leadership Skill Camp, Mountaineering Expedition Camp and National Integration camp.

Cultural Activities

The social and cultural activities at SVGOI prepare students for real life and strengthen their personal skills. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the university, but also assist them to develop in a desired field and also improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication.

Industry Internship

These internships are designed with industrial partners to provide the optimum learning experience for students as well as research opportunities and industrial contacts for the College. These internships lead to enhance student`s development and strong relationships between the University and its industrial partners.

Central Library

Library here in College premises is the centre of intellectual and learning activities. It is enriched with valuable inputs, books, journals, magazines to satisfy students and teachers as well their hunger for knowledge. Our library provides perfect study environment for students, teachers under cool and peaceful milieu with spacious facility.

Student Welfare

A Students’ Welfare Committee oversees student welfare projects and shortlist deserving candidates. This committee extends qualitative educational facilities to needy students from weaker sections of the society. Also these students attain Personal, Professional & Health Counseling Facilities too.

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