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About The Uniques

The Uniques program at SVIET College takes a holistic approach to skill-building. Beyond full-stack development and specialized graphic design, it prioritizes hands-on learning. Starting from the third semester, students actively collaborate with clients, working on practical projects that merge classroom teachings with industry requirements. This distinctive method not only enhances technical expertise but also nurtures vital entrepreneurial competencies such as communication with clients, efficient project handling, and adept problem-solving. Early exposure to client interactions equips students to navigate real-world situations, comprehend client needs, and deliver effective solutions. This preparatory experience not only readies them for professional endeavors but also instills the resilience and flexibility crucial in today's ever-evolving job landscape.

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From the Desk of Director of Operations

Mr. Ankur Gill
The Uniques batch embodies our vision of nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets through hands-on learning in full-stack development and specialized graphic design. We’ve designed this program to empower students with practical skills, fostering innovation and leadership from the very start. Engaging with clients early on cultivates a proactive approach to real-world challenges, preparing our graduates to lead and thrive in the industry. At Uniques, we don’t just educate; we empower a generation of forward-thinking, adaptable professionals, ready to make a tangible impact in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and design.”


“Where Learning Meets Fun.”

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