Convocation 14th

SVIET Campus

20th April 2024

Venue : SVIET Campus

Convocation 14th

Convocation 14 emerged as a hallmark of academic excellence and inspirational milestones, enchanting attendees with its dignified atmosphere and profound ceremonial moments. From the opening procession to the final farewell, the event was imbued with a sense of achievement and scholarly pride, drawing together graduates, academics, and proud family members. Convocation 14 was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of educational accomplishments and personal growth. By honoring the hard work and dedication of its students, it not only marked the culmination of their current academic journeys but also set the stage for future endeavors. As the graduates moved their tassels and stepped into new beginnings, they carried with them not only their degrees but also a deep-seated inspiration to shape and innovate the future.

Dr. Sumit Goyal


Director-Software Products & Platforms Engineering

Dr. Balbir Singh


Health & Welfare Minister