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50 Lakh

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10,000 +

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Bridging the gap between industry & Academia

At SVIET, the Placement department constantly keeps working towards bridging the gap between industry & Academia. Our endeavor is to keep the needs of the industry perspective and in turn make the learning more pragmatic and applicable. The placement activities are for the students and by the students. SVGOI has been successful in adding more and more companies in the list of its recruiters in last few years. The Training and placement cell of SVGOI strives for converting every student in to a 100% employable asset while they are pursuing their education with us and endeavors for accomplishing the concept –“One Person One Job.”

Placement Overview

Under the guidance of our trained faculty and with the support of our alumni network from different parts of the globe, we have been supplementing the careers of students. Be it preparation for government & defense services, getting a dream job at MNC’s, or starting up your own venture, SVGOI gives you the right direction towards a successful career track.

Key Takeaways from the 2022-23 Placement Session


Placement College


Engineering Highest Package


Companies Visited


Average Package

10 LPA

MBA Highest Package


Students Placed

Moon Mandal

Graduate Engineer Trainee

Yash Khandalwal

System Engineer

Prince Kumar

Project Engineer

Amit Gautam

Software Developer

From the Desk of Director Placements

Mr. Shubham Garg

Our aim is to provide Placements & Corporate Interface for the students and to make the students aware about the job opportunities and help them get placed. In the last fifteen years, Training & Placement Office (General) has been successfully able to place students of different courses & has invited reputed MNCs from, Social Sector, Information Technology, Manufacturing, ITES, Media, Services, Banking & Finance, etc. The Training & Placement Office (General) looks after the Campus Placements of the Engineering & Non-Engineering Courses of the College & Coordinates with the respective departmental TPO's regarding the Placement & related activities.

Our Vision

Best Campus Experience, Best Placements and Best Culture

Professional Skill Development

To equip the students with relevant professional skills in order to guide them towards the bright career with the core values of sincerity, honesty and hard work.

Maximum Opportunities

To create maximum opportunities for the students for their bright future.

Employable Graduates

To develop employable and market ready graduates who can be an asset for the industry and can play a pivotal role in the nation building.

Professional Skill Development

To equip the students with relevant professional skills in order to guide them towards the bright career with the core values of sincerity, honesty and hard work.

Our Mission

Best Campus Experience, Best Placements and Best Culture

The organization aims to fortify its bonds with industries through robust campus connections, fostering mutually beneficial relationships. It seeks to cultivate enduring partnerships with businesses, facilitating meaningful student placements. Additionally, the organization is committed to offering comprehensive guidance for the holistic development of students and job seekers, ensuring their preparedness for professional endeavors.

Techathon 2.0

Techathon 2.0 emerged as a dynamic fusion of innovation and entertainment, captivating audiences with its electrifying atmosphere and groundbreaking showcases. From start to finish, the event pulsated with creativity, drawing together visionaries, tech enthusiasts, and entertainment aficionados alike. Techathon 2.0 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of human ingenuity and creativity. By bringing together the worlds of technology and entertainment, it inspired collaboration, fostered imagination, and illuminated the endless possibilities of the digital age. As attendees departed, they carried with them not only memories of an incredible spectacle but also a renewed sense of excitement for the future of innovation.

17th February 2024

Spontania 2k24

Spontania 2K24 lit up the cultural scene with its vibrant and spirited celebration, marking itself as a standout college festival that beautifully blended competition, concerts, and cultural showcases. Hosted with great enthusiasm and flair, this event brought together a diverse array of talent from across the academic spectrum, offering students a platform to shine, collaborate, and compete. Spontania 2K24 proved to be a melting pot of excitement, creativity, and cultural exchange, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. It was not just a festival but a vibrant exhibition of youthful energy and artistic expression, making it a truly memorable experience for the entire college community.

12th-13th April 2024

Events & Happenings

Immerse Yourself in a Vibrant Tapestry of Campus Life, Where Every Moment Counts!

Our events showcase the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, nurturing talents and fostering growth in a dynamic learning environment.

Our Impeccabale Placement Record Over The Years

Highest Package(last 5 years trends)

Highest Package(last 5 years trends)

Average Package (Last 5 Years Trends)

Students Selected (Last 5 years Trends)

Industrail Exposure

Visits, Traning, Guidance and a lot more

Aimil Ayouthveda Ltd

Aimil Ayouthveda Ltd. conducted a dynamic campus placement drive today at SVGOI for the B.Pharm 2024 batch, with 30 enthusiastic participants.The event showcased a fusion of talent and ambition, setting the stage for promising opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ocean Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ocean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. makes waves at SVIET campus recruitment drive!Exciting opportunities unfolded for B.Tech and diploma students in EE, ME, CSE, ECE, Civil, and MBA (2024) batches.

Utility Contractors

SVIET's academic prowess shines as 5 bright minds from the B.Tech EE, ME batch of 2023-2024 secure coveted positions at the Utility Contractors Campus Recruitment Drive.

Value Prospect Consulting

Value Prospect Consulting's Campus Drive at SVIET: 15 Students Land Dream Jobs! Mr. Pratik guides candidates through a rigorous 4-phase selection process. A big opportunity for the 2023, 2024, and 2025 batches.

Our Students Speak

Our Reviews Speak for Us

"Great learning experience and the college provided me with the opportunities needed. Truly outstanding! and really really thankful for the support"

Gaurav Sharma


"It have broadened my horizons and helped me advance my career. The college and management is incredibly supportive towards their students and also providing great learning experience for all"

Yash Khandelwal

System Engineer