Spontania 2k24

SVIET Campus

12th-13th April 2024

Venue : SVIET Campus

Spontania 2k24

Spontania 2K24 lit up the cultural scene with its vibrant and spirited celebration, marking itself as a standout college festival that beautifully blended competition, concerts, and cultural showcases. Hosted with great enthusiasm and flair, this event brought together a diverse array of talent from across the academic spectrum, offering students a platform to shine, collaborate, and compete. Spontania 2K24 proved to be a melting pot of excitement, creativity, and cultural exchange, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. It was not just a festival but a vibrant exhibition of youthful energy and artistic expression, making it a truly memorable experience for the entire college community.

Sh. Rakesh Kaushal

Police Border Range, Amritsar

Deputy Inspector General

LoveMore Ncube

New Delhi

Embassy of Zimbabwe

Ms. Neena Mittal


MLA Rajpura